April 21, 2006

Dr. Pearl

We heard from Dr. Chang and she has referred us to another doctor, Dr. Pearl. He is a pediatric neurologist and an epileptologist--a specialist within a specialty field. The interesting thing about being referred to him is that we wanted to see him a while back and in early March when I scheduled an appointment, the earliest I could get was May 30. Our pediatrician also tried to get us in earlier, with no luck. Dr. Chang has more pull though and we got a call a couple days ago letting us know we have an appointment next Tuesday!


Mary said...

Aren't connections wonderful! I had a similar experience with Liza's opthalmology adventure. No appointments with the real doctor, until a student diagnosed her with a brain tumor and the pediatrician had that to pull priority.

Unfortunately, having the pull generally means they're concerned about something serious (unless your dad is the base attorney and calls the I Corps surgeon to squeeze in an appointment), so it has its drawbacks.

Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date.

Love to all,

Mama Lisa said...

So true! It'll be interesting to see what Dr. Pearl has to say. The nice thing is that he should be somewhat familiar with Evan's case because it's been presented in the weekly neurology meeting twice that we know of and he's had one-on-one conversations with Dr. Chang as well.