April 07, 2006

Keppra might be working

Well, the good news is that Keppra may be starting to control Evan's seizures, the bad news is we haven't reach the dosage that will completely achieve it yet. He went 6 days without a seizure and although that in itself doesn't sound good, it's a huge improvement from seizures every day or every other day. We will keep increasing the dosage until we get to a seizure management level or we max out on the dosage level for him. We're hoping for the first option there!

The goal is to control Evan's seizures with medication, however, when one drug fails, the chances go down that a second drug will succeed because they are all trying to do pretty much the same thing. If you haven't already heard me rattle off statistics, here they are:

50% chance first drug will work
25% chance second drug will work
5% chance third drug will work

We're on our second drug, so we're hoping Evan is one of the lucky ones.

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