April 25, 2006

Cluster Seizures

Evan has started to have cluster seizures--we're not sure if this is bad or just different, but we will bring that up with Dr. Pearl when we meet with him. Basically Evan is having a lot of seizures in a short period of time instead of one seizure in a day. He has had three sets of cluster seizures on three different days. The individual seizures in the cluster are very much like the ones we're growing used to, but he has one every 15 min. or so. It can be a little unnerving for us, but he doesn't seem bothered by them.

Last Friday he had his second set of cluster seizures and because we're sortof between doctors we didn't know who to call. Rob went down the list and Dr. Young and Dr. Chang were both on vacation so Dr. Pearl got the call. Dr. Pearl called back relatively quickly and mentioned that he is familiar with Evan's case and has seen the MRIs already. This isn't overly surprising since we know Dr. Chang presented Evan's case during the weekly Neurology Meeting at Children's at least twice and he's in the same office as Dr. Chang. The fact that Dr. Pearl knows about Evan's case is probably a good sign about the type of care he'll receive, but may be a bad sign about the type of care he'll need.

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