May 04, 2015

NYU or Bust!

We are on way to New York City and looking forward to seeing the brilliant doctors at NYU Hospital who have always been so good to Evan.

We have an appointment with Dr. Devinsky at noon and after that visit Evan will be checked into the hospital for monitoring. He will have a video EEG and luckily he didn't have s seizure right before our trip so hopefully he will have one quickly while being monitored and we will be able to get some answers soon.

It's a strange feeling to take your child to the doctor for evaluation for brain surgery -- you hope they say he'll be a good candidate for surgery and you dread the reality that comes with that knowledge. In the end the best possible outcome is to have options, so that's what we are hoping for!


Mary said...

You know our thoughts and hearts are with you. Evan, please wait until they have the monitoring leads attached to have a seizure. ;) Safe travels and good info!
Love always!
Aunt Mary

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks Mary! Evan is hooked up and we are all waiting for him to have a seizure.