May 06, 2015

2015 VEEG - Day 3

It's amazing how the days start to blend together while staying at the hospital. Evan is in good spirits and has had a lot of fun activities to keep him busy and has enjoyed playing video games in the playroom with some boys his age.

It looks like we effectively switched Evan's days and nights. He was up until almost 4:00 am and slept until 11:00 am this morning but did not have a seizure. We spent a good portion of the day with a nurse stationed just outside our room and an ominous metal box containing a radioactive isotope sitting near Evan's bed. 

Our nurse was ready to jump into action if Evan had a seizure and would have injected the isotope into Evan's IV and scheduled imaging.

Without a seizure, all drama was postponed while we continue to chase Evan's elusive seizures.

At this point we have taken him off all medication and he will stay up until 4:00 am again. We will see what tonight brings.


Anonymous said...

If feels a little odd to wish you good luck having a seizure. But I mean it in the most positive way. Susan Miranda

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks Susan, I know what you mean!