May 07, 2015

2014 VEEG - Day 4

We managed to keep Evan up late again but we also had a new challenge: a stomach virus for Rob and Evan. They were both sick all night and into the day. Evan was given an IV medication for the nausea and Rob went to the ER for fluids and nausea medication. I spent a good portion of last night and today sanitizing and re-sanitizing -- our room now has the reassuring scent of bleach. The nurses gave me my own container of super strength bleach wipes and I am considering it an early Mother's Day gift!

Rob and Evan are both doing much better but we have all been quarantined, at least for today. Whenever people come into our room they suit up in a blue plastic gown we have been referring to as hazmat gear. Hopefully that restriction will be lifted tomorrow.

As for seizure activity, we had a busy day. He had a simple partial seizure at 7:15 this morning but it didn't evolve into his more typical complex partial status seizure. Then he had his typical seizure this evening. He fell asleep doing his homework and had a seizure shortly after that. We will have more info tomorrow morning.

We have also made huge progress on Evan's needle phobia. The nurses have been great and Evan keeps a keen eye on his IV port and was asking frequently if it needed to be flushed. They taught him how to do it and now he flushes his own UV when they come in! 

There is a special place in heaven for pediatric nurses!


Mary said...

You ALL have the best attitude!
I'm sorry you're dealing with the stomach bug on top of everything else, but at least you have someone else to do the laundry!
Way to go, Evan, on learning how to flush your own port! You're quite a kid!
I hope you've got the info you need now, and will have some good answers soon!
Love to all of you!

Mama Lisa said...

Thank you Mary! We are hanging in there!