May 04, 2015

2015 VEEG - Day 1

The first day of a video EEG always has its ups and downs.

We were up early to travel to NY and met with Dr. Devinsky before checking into the hospital. Evan did a great job getting the EEG hooked up. This used to be so hard but he's growing up and some things are easier now.

We had a visit from a therapy dog that everyone enjoyed, especially Mindy!

Things turned a little for the worse when it was time to put an IV in. Evan has a lot of anxiety about needles and the nurse blew the vein when she tried to insert the IV. Evan was doing so well up to that point and then made it pretty clear that he didn't want them to try again. We ending up refusing the IV at least for tonight. We will revisit the conversation tomorrow.

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