January 02, 2007

"My Seizure Made Me Lay Down"

This is what Evan told me when I found him on the bathroom floor in mid-seizure. A seizure in the bathroom is a scary thought: lots to hit your head on, nothing to cushion a fall before landing on ceramic tile, and then there's the stool which adds height to any fall. The bathroom, any bathroom, is pretty much a death trap.

Luckily he didn't fall. He was on the stool washing his hands after dinner and had an aura (a sensation indicating a seizure is coming) and he got off the stool and laid down. It was one of the more intense seizures he gets, which pretty much sucks. But we were happy he knew it was coming and knew what to do.


Mary said...

I'm very glad Evan knows what to do when he gets that aura. And it's sad that he needs to know. I wish the meds were having a better result. The keogenic diet scares me, but then again, it's just about opposite of the one we choose. Know that you are all loved. Hugs to all of you.

Mama Lisa said...

Yes, I'm glad he knows what to do too. We're fortunate that Evan has the auras and is bright enough to know what will keep him safe.