December 29, 2006

Vigabatrin Mix Master

So, I forgot to mention that Vigabatrin doesn't come in a chewable form so we have to crush it and put it in something. The first day I mixed it in orange juice and put it in an oral syringe--I felt pretty proud of myself as Evan drank it up. Yesterday Evan was less interested in the tainted OJ but still took the medicine. Today he flatly refused, so I tried putting it in a medicine cup he could take himself--no go. My next choice was to put it in a regular glass so I asked him if he'd like some orange juice--no. He asked for cranberry juice, so in went the Vigabatrin. Success! We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

As for the seizures, they continue. We have a few scheduled increases of Vigabatrin until we reach what should certainly be a working dose, so we'll see what happens.

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