December 18, 2006

Vigabatrin Arrived

Evan's Vigabatrin arrived from Canada and we find ourselves wondering if this drug is going to work or if we will add it to the list of the ones that don't. Evan really hasn't had much success with any of the meds stopping his seizures so it's hard to remain optimistic and believe that this one might be different. But, this one might be different and wouldn't it be wonderful to have an end to the seizures!? I'd even be happy with a good reduction at this point.

We'll probably start him on the Vigabatrin this weekend so we'll both be around and be able to see any possible side effects he may have with the new drug. Merry Christmas Evan, here's a new medicine. Do you think Santa can bring Evan a seizure-free life? I'd give anything to stop watching him go through this.

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