January 17, 2007

Mathematical Ponderings

Ok, so now we have a couple decisions to make about going to Johns Hopkins. We are scheduled to have Evan checked into Johns Hopkins to have the Ketogenic Diet administered, but the Vigabatrin seems to be working a little better than past drugs. So the question is, should we postpone the diet to see if the Vigabatrin works or try both treatments at once.

Everyone keeps asking how the Vigabatrin is working, so tonight, believe it or not, Rob and I did some math. Evan has been on Vigabatrin for 23 days and we compared the seizures he's had while on Vigabatrin to a 23-day period before he went on Dilantin, which increased his seizures. We came up with a 27% reduction in seizures while on Vigabatrin which seems pretty significant. However, there was a spike in the October numbers when Evan had 10 seizures in one day and if that day is removed for both months, the decrease in seizure activity is only roughly a 10% decrease in seizure activity. But then if you look at the 23 days immediately before going on Dilantin and the 23 days while on Vigabatrin, and remove the 10 seizure spike, the difference is one seizure for the whole time period and basically no change with the Vigabatrin. Have I ever mentioned that I hate math?

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