May 21, 2006

Seizures or no are kids!

We had a busy day yesterday, with the TS Clinic all morning, and since we're not the sort of family to slow down and take it easy, we spent the evening in the ER with Evan and a split chin that required three stitches. He slipped and smacked his chin on the side of the bathtub, so we rushed off to an ER full of parents with small children (by this I mean boys) with minor head wounds. Ironically, all the parents looked exhausted and had blood-stained shoulders while the kids ran around with lots of energy and checked out the vending machine offerings. The next day Evan proudly displayed his stitches to anyone who asked to see them while declaring "I'm tough!"

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Anonymous said...

How cute.

We've had a few of those evenings at the ER ourselves. I remember when Nate got stitches for the first time. The doctor was really determined to show me the cut and discuss it with me, and ended having to let me lie down for a little while. Nate was fine, but all the nurses and the doctor kept asking me if I was OK.

Ah, boys!