May 03, 2006


Last week we took Evan to pick up his orthotic braces--another miserable experience! He really doesn't like being messed with, as I have mentioned, and that's all these people want to do! The poor thing cried and screamed as we put the braces on while attempting to bribe him with chocolate covered raisins--the therapy for that will start years from now, so we're not worrying about it for the time being!

In the end, we got them on him and he has to wear them every day for gradually increasing intervals until he is able to wear them for 8-10 hours a day. The hope is that they will improve the way he's walking and he's been much more willing to put them on since the initial introduction to them. I think having us do it at home made a huge difference for him.

As for how they look, I hate them. They are a reminder to me that something is wrong with Evan and I really don't like that fact. He has one for each foot--the right one comes up to about his ankle and the left one to mid-calf. They try to make them as cute as they can--Evan chose dinosaurs to embellish the velcro straps--but they are what they are.

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