August 02, 2010

NYU Hospital: Art Therapy

This is the most common scene in our room and it's not easy to tear them away from their DS games...

Unless it's for art therapy!


Mary said...

Strong use of colors, Evan. Great color mixing, Aria.

I'm glad they have such a stimulating rec room and that Evan can get down there.

Guess you couldn't carry enough books to keep them busy for several days, could you?

Love to all of you!

Elizabeth said...

This may sound like the weirdest comment when you are in one of Dante's circles but there is something so amazingly wonderful about the picture of Evan and Aria just being siblings that makes that picture a keeper for the rest of their lives.

Mama Lisa said...

There is a well stocked library in the hospital and we got books, but they both know they pretty much get wht they want in the hospital -- we're too tired and it's so much easier on everyone if the answer is "yes". However, this means leaving the hospital is not always welcome by the kids!

I love the pictures of them just being together in the hospital too. There is a certain degree of normalcy there for us, even though that's just not normal!