August 05, 2010

Insert Expletive Here

We got home last night after several days of EEG monitoring and some medication adjusting and everything seemed to be going well. Evan's EEG was calm and I was hopeful we finally had a solid dose of meds to keep the seizures at bay.

This morning at 5:30 Evan had another seizure. (big sigh)

So tonight we upped his Keppra. Again. We have seen some improvement with this drug and as we've increased it, we've seen his seizure activity go from once a week to once every two weeks and most recently 2 1/2 weeks between seizures. Our fingers are crossed that with this increase we will have seizure control.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Maybe you just need to get him an electrode cap, since that seems to keep the seizures at bay better than anything else?