August 04, 2010


After four days of video EEG monitoring, we are going home! Evan's EEG was pretty clean witch is good and we are beginning the process of reducing his Trileptal. This is the last meal in the hospital after Evan had the EEG leads removed -- true bliss for the kids: chicken tenders, chocolate pudding with graham crackers to dunk, ice cream and to top it all off, watching TV while eating! Evan told the med student that he liked it there and wanted to stay 70 more weeks, to which the med student replied, "We'll leave at the same time!"

After leaving the hospital we went back to the Ronald McDonald House and after grabbing a quick bite to eat joined a House trip to Central Park Zoo. They shuttled all of us there and we enjoyed a private party at the zoo complete with ice cream. They fed the sea lions and put on a little show and then all the kids got to take a turn feeding them too! It was a great evening and a perfect way to end our stay in NY!

We are on our way back today and I think we're all ready to be home. We are keeping up with the tradition of leaving NYC seizure-free and are hoping to keep it that way!

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