October 11, 2009

No more wires!

We are finally free!
Yesterday was a whirlwind...Evan finally got disconnected from the Video EEG, we left the hospital, packed up our stuff from the Ronald McDonald House, Grabbed a quick dinner and rode the bus home. We got home at about 10:30 last night and it is so good to be home!

The EEG was completely clean -- after 4 days of monitoring they saw no seizure activity (neither did we) and no abnormal spikes in the EEG patterns. So that's good news! As for the crazy seizure activity, tunnel vision and nausea, we don't have clear answers. Maybe it's just his body adjusting to the increase in meds last week. None of it was repeated in the hospital so we're going to watch and see how he does at home. If the symptoms persist, they will be blamed on the medication not working or Evan reacting to it and we'll switch to a different med.

So for now we wait and watch...

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