October 08, 2009

Pokemon Evan

Evan thinks having his hair stick up from the EEG leads makes him look like Cascoon from Pokemon. I just think it makes him look studly, especially with the GQ pose!

We haven't seen any seizure activity since we got to NY and I "slept" with Evan last night at the hospital. This morning they took blood with a finger prick and Evan scored some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. His favorite is one called Silent Abyss -- no irony there!

After the finger prick the lab said there were issues with the blood test and they wanted a blood draw from a vein. Evan was so NOT cool with this idea. As the resident tried to convince him that it would be fast I heard blood curdling screams come from my son just at the very thought of a needle. This is not typical behaviour and in the end he won...for today at least, they'll try again tomorrow.

Things got better after that and it was great having Aria here with us...even with everything going on there is still a lot to smile about! I love how close they are.


Mary said...

That IS quite a studly pose!

I love to see your kids together. I really understand what Mom means when she says she enjoys the relationships we have with each other. It's wonderful to watch the kids, your and mine, in their loving relationships with each other!

Have you talked to Evan about what he thinks is going on with the blood draw? That scream seems a very atypical reaction from him.

Love you all!
Thinking of you!

Aunt Mary

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks Mary! They are pretty cool together! I think your mom is right about all the family relationships. It's cool to see the sibs, cousins and grown-up sibs relate to each other and I think we're pretty lucky to have such a close family.