March 20, 2008

Lots of Fun at the Ronald McDonald House

Yesterday was a BIG day full of excitement! First of all we got to check Evan out of the hospital which was huge, but when we got back to the Ronald McDonald House, it was party central. We started with an art project to make decorated paper Easter eggs and after that there was a celebrity visit followed by egg dying, dinner, Easter egg rolling and an egg hunt! Whew, I’m still tired just thinking about it! The kids all had a blast and it was fun watching them all have such a good time.

The celebrity visit was the high point for me, but if you don’t watch a lot of the Disney channel, his celebrity status may be lost on you. Johnny of Johnny and the Sprites came for a visit. He was really cool and sang songs and played games with the kids. Everyone had a great time with Johnny and Root, the Sprite. Evan had a lot to tell Johnny and was not shy about asking questions.

Aria, Root the Sprite, Johnny & Evan

At one point Johnny played a few rounds of Simon Says with the kids, only they substituted in all the kids' names for Simon. When it was Aria’s turn she said, “Aria says hop on one foot” so of course everyone began to hop. Then she said, “Stop hopping” so everyone continued hopping. We were all laughing so hard and Aria was getting out of breath hopping and never gave a third command so Johnny had to step in for a round of Johnny Says!

Don't stop hopping Johnny!

After Johnny and Root left, we moved right into Easter celebrations. All of the Easter festivities were fun too and it looked like every kid staying here had a blast. Most nights at the Ronald McDonald House are a little quieter, but the staff here sure does a great job at making this a fun place where everyone feels welcome.


Mary said...

It does sound like you're having fun!

And I have no trouble imagining the impish grin on Aria's face as she left everyone hopping. She does that here, too. (wink)

Love and hugs,
Aunt Mary

The Reagan Recorder said...

OMG! Johnny and the Sprites!! What a brush with celebrity! Molly is very, very jelous! Sounds like you had a great time and enjoy Easter. Our love to you all!

Claire, Casey and Molly