March 27, 2008

Aria's Thoughts

Occasionally, people ask us how Aria is effected by everything going on with Evan. She seems to handle everything in stride and frequently impresses us with her ability process all the information and respond with insightful comments and questions.

Although Aria loves reading, writing is challenging for her. Each week she has a writing assignment due on Friday and this week, much like every other week, she kept putting off doing it. At dinner tonight we talked a lot about the epilepsy walk and she decided this would be her topic. She sat down and wrote until it was finished even though she was tired. This is what she wrote:

We're doing a epilepsy walk. Here's how it works, first we get a lot of people to walk with us, second we ask people to sponsor us, next we do the walk. We're doing the walk to stop seizures all over the world. I don't think seizures are very good. My brother used to have seizures, he had surgery to stop his seizures and now they're all gone! I hope some day there is no such thing as seizures.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Spectacular job, Aria!

I'm so glad I get to come walk with you, and I hope seizures stop all over the world, too!

Love you!
Aunt Mary