March 19, 2008

Good News is Good News!

Get ready to hoot and holler because the word from all the testing is that Evan is NOT having seizures! We didn't think he was, but we were noticing an odd muscle twitch when he falls asleep and as he wakes up. It was easily diagnosed as Myoclonis, which is basically just involuntary twitching caused by muscle contractions. Dr. LaJoie said anyone can have this, but it is even more common to occur in people with epilepsy. Sounds good to us! His EEG was clear of all unusual spiking and everyone was thrilled to see that. Dr. LaJoie also remarked on how different this EEG was compared to the one before surgery. Looks like a completely different kid -- in fact, he is a different kid. After the surgery we were told that Evan would be evaluated and treated as if he were a new patient because his brain has changed so dramatically.

We have finally gotten the go-ahead to take Evan off a drug he's been on since before the surgery. It sometimes gives him insomnia so we are happy to get rid of it! Dr. LaJoie didn't want to take him off of it until now because she wanted to have a chance to evaluate him for a few months post-surgery.

So good news all around!


Elizabeth said...



I believe that is the technical term.
Champagne on us when you get back!

Mary said...





I used to have some of those New Year's horns and squeakers around here, and they seem appropriate for the occasion, but I expect the hospital would prefer we wait until he's discharged to have our noisy celebration. . .

We're so happy for you!

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Great news, I am assuming that the drug he will be taken off is Klonapin (sp?) and that you didn't mention the name so we would wait anxiously for the graphs ;-)


Mama Lisa said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, the Klonopin is on the way out and Evan will just be on Trileptal. He'll remain on an anti-epileptic drug(AED) for an undetermined amount of time just as a safety net. Anyone who has brain surgery is put on an AED beacuse they are more likely to have a seizure after the brain takes such an assault. We're happy to keep him on an AED for a while though!


Joanne said...

Amazing news!! So happy for all of you - especially Evan!!!