June 16, 2007

Saying Good-bye to NYC - for now

We'll, we got the info we came for and it's time to leave NY. After breakfast, Evan and Rob played outside while I cleaned up our room --all the guests at the Ronald McDonald House clean up before they leave to help keep their costs down. This place was amazing and I know that when we come back it will be like visiting friends, some we already know and some we have yet to meet.

Everyone asks, and there is no food from McDonald's in the Ronald McDonald House. They do supply coffee and we found these cups in the kitchen too.

Evan did some serious playing that doubled as great PT -- Flavia would be proud!


And with that, we are off to Virginia. We were all really missing Aria and I know she was missing us too, even though she had the grandparents at her beck and call. It'll be good to be home, and then we are off to Florida to spend some time with Rob's family and hit Disney World one day. We all deserve it after this week!


Ken Halla said...

When is Rob going to get a haircut like Evan's?!

Mama Lisa said...

LOL! We got Evan's cut so it would be easier to remove the well-glued EEG leads from his head. I don't know what they use, but he got them off almost 2 weeks ago and he still has a little glue in his hair. He fusses when I try to remove it so I guess the last of the glue will work its way out on eventually!