June 14, 2007

Big Doctor Day - Tuesday

Evan was thrilled to ride on the Long Island Railroad to get to the hospital. Life doesn't get better than this, a lollypop and a real train!

When we got into Manhattan, we had a big day with two doctor appointments followed by admission to NYU Hospital for the Video EEG. The appointments gave us a chance to meet Dr. Devinsky face-to-face and also meet another neurologist, Dr. LaJoie. The appointments with them were pretty routine with no real surprises in regards to Evan's treatment. Dr. Devinsky has already reviewed Evan's entire medical file and we had spoken on the phone a few times so it felt more like a follow-up visit than an introduction.

Next we walked across the street to be checked into the hospital. They were expecting us and were pretty quick to get us in a room. The downside was that they put us in a room with four beds, but they said they would try to get us moved in the morning. The downside, part 2, was that Evan had to stay on the bed. Ugh! The other rooms are "hard-wired" for the VEEG and the kids can unplug from the wall, walk to the playroom and plug back in there. So, we asked everyone with any authority if they had us in line for a new room on Wednesday. No firm answers but we kept our fingers crossed. Someone needed to have enough seizures to be sent home!

Evan actually did really well with his bed confinement, but we had some technical difficulties and the machine stopped recording. Staying true to Murphy's Law, Evan had a pretty big seizure while the machine was offline and followed it up with a few more. Finally, they got the machine recording again and we looked like we were back in business until the video portion stopped working. But at least the EEG part was recording and that's more crucial. Evan did not disappoint the doctors and kept right on having seizures to give them the data they need.

Evan was awake until almost 11:00 because there was so much noise and activity in the room. In addition to the normal hospital noise, we had three crying babies too: one with colic, one post-surgery and one irritated, as best I can tell. They cried pretty much all night, with no more than 15 min. of silence at a time . Somehow, Evan seemed to sleep through everything and looked so peaceful in the midst of the chaos. So, the first night was a bumpy one, but the up side was that all the families were very nice and kept giving us cookies and treats. You know how the Moss family is, just feed us and we'll be your friends!


Mary said...

Feed me, Seymore, feed me all night long. . . especially if you're going to keep me awake!!!!

I'm glad Evan's cooperating, and hope you got to that quieter room and a functioning video. You've got to get some sleep this week, because next week's FLORIDA!!!!!!! And nobody sleeps there!

Thanks for the updates. You are in our thoughts!

Love you bunches and bunches!

Mama Lisa said...

I know what you mean...I thought I'd volunteer to lay down with our kids to make sure "they" take naps!

Mary said...

Awww, shucks!
I was going to volunteer to be the best auntie and do that, "so that their parents get a break"! Guess that strategy won't work now.

Mama Lisa said...


We still may take you up on that!