June 07, 2007

NYU Hospital

So our big medical news is that we are going up to NYU Hospital next week. We'll be meeting with Dr. Devinsky and checking Evan into the hospital for a 4-day video EEG. We will be arriving with a suitcase full of toys and activities with the hope of keeping Evan entertained. The last time we did one of these, Evan couldn't leave the room and that's what we're expecting again.

My parents are going to stay at home with Aria while we're in NY, so she should be adequately spoiled while we're away. Rob and I will take turns sleeping at the hospital and we have a room at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. You can only stay there if you have a child at the hospital and it looks pretty amazing. Surprisingly, the rooms are only $25 a night!

We're planning to take the train to the hospital and Evan will love that. We'll be updating the blog while we're in the city and will try to keep everyone informed as best we can through the blog.


The Reagan Recorder said...

We hope Evan does well with the test! Enjoy NYC as much as you can! We'll be thinking about you!

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks! Evan pretty much has a good time wherever he is so we're not too worried about it, and at least we'll be in a fun city!