October 20, 2006

Preliminary AMT Pet Scan Results

From my extensive neurology studies, I'd have to say it looks like the results from the AMT Pet scan are inconclusive. Not the best results. There were no surprises, but no real new information that I can tell.

I emailed with Dr. Chugani and he said "The scan shows increased activity over a large area on the right side, including temporal and parietal cortex. That whole area should be covered by grid electrodes, and what should be resected will depend on what the grids show. This is a useful guide as to where to put the grids...Certainly, the AMT scan showed a larger area then I would have suspected, and that's why this should all be covered by grids."

So, when he mentions grids, he's talking about having brain mapping done to see exactly where the seizures are starting to see what area of brain should be removed (resected). This test is a small surgery of it's own and the grids are put directly on the brain. This test would only be done once the decision to have surgery has been made.

We're starting to get into more hairy discussions about possible courses of action for Evan and surgery comes up in every conversation with doctors now. We'll meet with Dr. Pearl on Monday and it'll be interesting to hear what he has to say about the AMT Pet results, medication choices and surgery.

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