October 02, 2006

Dr. Gaillard

Yes, we have another new doctor to add to our collection of neurologists! We met with Dr. Gaillard at Children's Hospital in D.C. this morning and he seems like yet another impressive doctor on staff there.

There wasn't much new information today, but it's always interesting to hear another perspective in our information gathering. Evan is quite "famous" in the Epilepsy Center and he was more than a little familiar with Evan's case. Apparently they review his case almost every week in the big meeting they have every Thursday. Hmmm, should we be flattered or scared that 25-30 doctors talk about our son every week?

These appointments get increasingly harder, logistically speaking, especially with Aria in school 5 mornings a week! This morning David came over early and shuttled Aria to and from school. He and Gretta are in the process of remodeling their house, so he was also happy to have a place to do some laundry and it was a huge help to us!!


Mary said...

I think you can be glad that you're working with a hospital that cares so much about our Evan. Do they have something new to talk about every week? I didn't think you all had appointments that often!

Tell David I appreciate him being there to support you guys, please. And if you have an appointment on a Tuesday morning, let me know. My kids are big enough to get themselves off to school.

hugs to all

Mama Lisa said...

We don't usually have that many appointments, but Evan's been seen a lot lately...he saw Dr. Pearl at the end of July, had the Video EEG in August, saw Dr. Pearl for a follow-up in September and Dr. Gaillard in October and he'll see Dr. Pearl again later this month.

I think they had a lot to talk about after the Video EEG, and Evan will also be having the AMT Pet scan done soon (no date yet, argh!) which will give them even more to talk about.

Mary said...

Offer stands if your next appointment with Dr. Pearl is on a Tuesday. Wish I had more flexibility, but these teenagers keep me hopping!

And I do appreciate you keeping us up to date on all these adventures.

How about a few more stories to tease them with when they're teenagers. (I figure Aunt Mary can claim a share of mortification fun!)