October 07, 2006

New Findings: Chocolate Milk Prevents Seizures!

Ok, I'll qualify this--new findings at the Moss house, and purely unscientific. We have been giving Evan a LOT of chocolate milk and he hasn't had any seizures in two days! Although there may not be a lot of scientific evidence here, it is an uncanny correlation! And it has the added benefit of making Evan (and Aria by default) very happy. I'm also happy to report that Aria hasn't had any seizures while on the chocolate milk therapy--she is the control group.


James said...

No seizures while on chocolate SOYmilk therapy here, either!

This is great news. So, now can we give the kids LOTS of chocolate before we send them home?

I see a variety of experiments to play with here! Another use for the medicinal properties of chocolate. (Here, Evan, eat your breakfast chocolate. NO, you can't skip it this morning!)
Love you guys!
Uncle James & Aunt Mary

James said...

How does chocolate ice cream work???

Mama Lisa said...

Yes, you're right, there are a lot of options out there for further "research". Could it be that my heavy chocolate intake has kept me healthy?

The Reagan Recorder said...

In my own independent research on the consumption of chocolate in all of its various forms, I have found that it is beneficial to a number of medical conditions... Keeping one's sanity intact as being the most successful! Now, I can add seizures to the list! Good going Evan!

Anonymous said...

I'm just now seeing this but I used to have seizures but at that time was only eating healthy. Whenever I became pregnant I started craving sweets so I did eat candy and things like that. Ever since I let chocolate into my daily diet, the seizures stopped.