August 09, 2015


So it sounds like Evan's EEG is pretty quiet with no seizures. After the third surgery this is what we want to hear but for now we really need him to have a seizure so the docs can confirm where the seizures are starting and what tissue to remove.

Today was pretty quiet with the exception of having to get another MRI. They were concerned about the way the fluid was draining and wanted to make sure he didn't have a brain bleed. Everything checked out just fine so we are continuing to wait for a seizure. When concerns like that come up it makes you think about how serious this surgery is. We know so many people who have done this and it's Evan's second time but there is nothing routine about this procedure.

Aria and Evan have been watching a lot of movies and Dr. Who and It's so incredible seeing them together. Just before I took this photo Evan looked so sad. Then Aria walked into the room and he was all smiles! What a special bond they have!

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