August 06, 2015

Feeling Hopeful

Today was a long day filled with lots of waiting. Dr. Weiner was really pleased with how the surgery went. There will be two more surgeries to complete the process and it is reassuring that today went so well.

Today Dr. Weiner performed a craniotomy to expose Evan's brain and put EEG grids and strips directly on the surface of his brain. This will give a better idea about exactly where the seizure activity is coming from. There was an additional complication today because Evan had a similar surgery 8 years ago and Dr. Weiner was going into a prior surgical site. Apparently Evan healed beautifully from the first surgery and it was better than could have been expected. Dr. Weiner was able to insert everything he wanted without having to make compromises due to complications and was beaming when we told us about how the surgery went.

Evan was brought up to the PICU and we found out there was a fire somewhere in the hospital. The lobby was evacuated and the OR was closed due to power concerns but it was controlled efficiently and we did not have to be evacuated. That would have been crazy.

Ever since surgery Evan has been feeling nauseated as has been getting some help with IV anti-nausea meds but it has been a little tough for him. Hopefully tomorrow will be better on that end. 

Great results overall for today and we are really pleased about the potential for the docs to get really good information due to the success of this surgery.

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Mary said...

I'm so glad to read your good news!
Know that we're sending lots of love your way, and will be following along.
Love to all of you!