February 07, 2012

Seizure Watch

Life with epilepsy is complex to say the least. We chase after freedom from seizures for Evan, trying different medications, enduring different tests, wishing on stars and praying to a God that remains static.

It's been 14 days since Evan's last seizure and this is longer than usual. These longer periods of time between seizures used to offer relief and hope but now those feelings are all too often tainted with fear and anxiety.

I'm next to Evan in the dark, watching him sleep, listening to him breathe. I don't know if he'll have a seizure tonight but I don't want to sleep too soundly in case he does.

I'm tired of the epilepsy routine that has taken over so much of our lives. I'm not sure what we should be doing differently but I think we need to figure that out before it starts to take a toll on Evan.

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