February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just want to take a minute to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day!

This photo is representative of Valentine's Day last year. A couple weeks before Valentine's Day we were in New York with another hospital visit and video EEG for Evan at NYU Hospital. We were staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island and as I walked up to our home away from home, I looked down and this image stopped me in my tracks.

How fitting to see this just a couple weeks before Valentine's Day while walking up to a place who's tag line is, "The House that Love Built". I took the photo and didn't post it last year because I thought it felt like such a cliche -- love peeking though the snow... oh, please. A year later the photo still hangs in my mind so there must be something there. The truth is, when I was stopped in my tracks, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. I had a child in the hospital, was tired from sleeping there, and was a little cranky about schlepping through the snow. I wanted to be home.

But here I was staring at a single brick that seemed to carry a message just for me. I have looked down at this walkway many times, each brick purchased by a different person and engraved. It's a long walk through names and families and I've been awestruck by the experience every time. I saw this word shouting at me from the ground and the irony was not lost. I lead a charmed life filled with love and I should never forget that. Sometimes a single word can have such impact.

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