December 16, 2008

Dr. Howard Weiner will be on TV!

So if you read this blog you probably already know how much we adore and respect Dr. Weiner. He performed Evan's surgery last year and gave our family the gift of a miracle that will last a lifetime. This is Evan and Dr. Weiner before going into the operating room for the third stage of his surgery...

On Friday, December 19, The Doctors will air a story on TSC featuring the Rolfes family, Dr. Howard Weiner of NYU, and the Hammerquist family. Besides discussing TSC, the segment will focus on the Hammerquist family's son's recent epilepsy surgery. This new show appears at various times across the country, so click here to search local listings. In addition, I heard this will be the show's "holiday giving" episode.


Mary said...

In Maryland it's:
Baltimore, Maryland
M-F 4:00 PM

Anonymous said...

In Roanoke VA its WFXR at 6:00 pm