October 05, 2008

Check out what we did yesterday!!

We took the kids rock climbing and I couldn't help reflect on how amazing it was that we were able to take BOTH kids to experience this. Last year, prior to Evan's surgery he was having way too many seizures to consider rock climbing. On the way home, Rob and I were talking about how far Evan has come since surgery -- just 10 months ago we brought him home from the hospital and he was unable to walk independently and now he's climbing a big cliff fearlessly. His progress has been inspiring to say the least! Here are a few snaps from our day...

What a blast everyone had! They are already asking when they can go back and Aria told us she wants real climbing shoes.


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Wow...I am speechless. To see Evan climbing that rock. Simply amazing.

I googled AMT PET scan and stumbled upon your blog. We are going to see Dr. Chugani in a week for an AMT PET scan. This will be our 3rd visit to see him to find out if my daughter is a surgical candidate.

Your story is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It gives me so much hope for my daughter. Once I stumbled upon your blog, I couldn't stop reading. It was like a great book that you just couldn't put down...a great book with a happy ending.

Mary said...

Go Team!!!

How did we miss hearing all about this while we were walking??? I didn't get all the excitement from the brief comments. I guess there was just so much going on with the walk itself.

Lisa, thanks for posting these pictures. I want to go next time!!!

It was great to see everyone yesterday, and to get my enthusiastic hugs. It really is thrilling to see how much better Evan is getting around.

Elaine, we wish you and Sophie all the best. We'll be holding you in our prayers as you go through the process. Please let us know how your meeting goes.

Aunt Mary

Pat said...

OMG, that's amazing...and totally scary. They're definitely braver than me!

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks for continuing to cheer for Evan!! He makes us proud every day and we truly feel like we've been given a miracle.

Elaine, good luck with the AMT PET and the discovery process. Tell Dr. Chugani we said hi -- we found him to be a wonderful caring doctor and were really impressed with the hospital, I hope you find the same. As you figure out if Sophie is a surgical candidate, I'd be happy to talk to you on the phone if you want to hear another parent's experience. You probably know most of our story if you read the blog though!