May 14, 2007

Still Seizing...

Well, Evan is off the Vigabatrin because it wasn't controlling his seizures well enough to warrant risking the nasty side effects, but his seizures have tripled. It was obviously doing something and it's hard to take Evan off something that had some positive effect. We made the best decision we could and now we're looking for the next treatment.

We've been a little schizophrenic about what the next step will be and I apologize for not blogging in so long while we try to sort things out. We don't want to have Evan on a restrictive diet next month because we are going to Disney World and it just seems wrong not to be able to eat ice cream while we're there. Selfish? Maybe. Compassionate? Definitely!

So, we're on to the next drug for now and are waiting to get a prescription from his doctor. The Ketogenic Diet is on hold, at least temporarily.

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