May 30, 2007


Evan had his annual MRI today and we are hoping there won't be any surprises when we get the results. I think the hardest thing about taking Evan to get an MRI is watching him get sedated. They have to sedate because there is no way a child this young would be able to lie still for the 45 min. test.

The anesthesiologist gives him a gas that knocks him out before administering something stronger through an IV. The first time we saw Evan go under it was pretty freaky -- I was holding him and then his body just went limp. We were more prepared this time, but I never feel ok about the testing process until Evan wakes up in the recovery room.

After Evan is sedated we have to return to the waiting room until the testing is completed and the nurse comes to get us. We are not the most patient people, so it's hard to wait, and all the trashy People magazines are outdated and I already know Angelina and Brad were planning to adopt another baby -- although in another year this headline may be fresh again!

Every time Evan's been sedated for a test, the nurses always recommend we go get breakfast and come back in an hour, but somehow that just doesn't seem right to us. I'm sure other parents leave and I'm sure that's fine, but I guess we're just too soft. So we sat and waited and everything was fine.

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