September 22, 2006

How's Evan Doing?

Seems like such a simple question and yet this is one of the hardest questions to answer. I never really know what people are asking with such a simple question. This is what runs through my head:

What is the real question here? How is Evan doing in a general way? He's fine, great actually! He started school and loves it! He's developed a solid obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine and it seems to be what his world revolves around. Or is the question more daunting? How is he doing in a medical sense? Hmm? What is really being asked? How many seizures is he having? Too many, that's for sure! He's having seizures almost every day and usually anywhere from 1-7 seizures in a given day. He had one at school too, so the teachers have something new to get used to. Maybe the question is really about surgery...we really don't know yet, there is some more testing that needs to be done, but we are certainly exploring that possibility. Is the question about medication? We still haven't found one that effectively manages his seizures and the chance that any med will work is drastically reduced--I'm not trying to be a pessimist here, but we're on the third drug and three is the magic number--if the third one doesn't work, subsequent drugs aren't likely to. Or maybe the question is about his walking and balance issues? He's still having PT once a week and is making good progress but he's probably got a lifetime of PT ahead of him.

So, all this runs through my head in about 2 seconds and then I give the answer "He's doing good."

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