September 19, 2006

Follow up w/Dr. Pearl

We had our follow up appointment (from the video EEG) with Dr. Pearl and he was more interested in talking about surgery than he ever has been in the past. It appears that all the seizures are starting from the same tuber and it is accessible. So there it is, we're back to the conversation about surgery. I guess we never really left the topic, but it seems to be creeping to the forefront.

Our goal remains the gain control over the seizures, hopefully through medication. The disappointing part is that it isn't working yet and he is still having almost daily seizures. So the new plan of action is to change Evan's medication schedule to three times a day instead of twice a day. He consistently has seizures in the evening, so the thought is that he may be metabolizing the medicine too quickly between dosages.

The next test is still the AMT PET scan in Detroit and we're waiting to get that scheduled.

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