July 12, 2015

Seizures in the North Woods

Rob and the kids are in northern Minnesota at my parent's house and I will be there for a long weekend next week. 

This beautiful part of the country with idyllic lakes, mild temperatures, gorgeous vistas and the nicest people you'll ever meet is a terrifying place to be when Evan has a seizure because they are so far from a hospital. The nearest hospital is 30 miles away and the nearest hospital with a pediatric epileptologist is 60 miles away.

To make things interesting Evan has had three seizures in the last 24 hours, much more frequent than his norm. He has also had emergency medication for each seizure. We start to be concerned about possible respiratory failure when giving him so much emergency medication in such a short time span. I emailed his neurologist and she called Rob almost immediately. We have increased Evan's normal medications and if he has another seizure he will probably have to be transported by ambulance to the hospital.

It's hard not to be there with all this going on. I know Rob is perfectly capable of handling this but it's just not the way I like to do things. 

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Mary said...

Yipes! Thinking of all of you!