June 21, 2015


Yesterday Evan was super helpful and cleaned the bathroom! This is an optional chore and I have told the kids I will pay $5 per bathroom any time they want to make a little extra cash and Evan took me up in the offer. He was excited to raise the last of the money to get a new Skylander figure because apparently we don't have enough already! 

He did a great job and then a half hour later complained of a headache, then nausea. We started going down the list...is he sick, is it a reaction to his meds, is it the chemicals in Soft Scrub, is it something else?

The headache got worse,vomiting began and sleep followed. Migraine, I thought. Pretty classic symptoms followed by some head sensitivity afterward. I may not be a doctor but I am a seasoned, although only occasional, migraine sufferer. A quick google search revealed bleach is a common trigger for migraines so I'm guessing that's our culprit.

We will bring it up with his neurologist  but I can't help wondering how many more things are going to be thrown at this kid! He was feeling great in the afternoon and in true Evan style, you would never know he had been down for the count just hours earlier. Evan also had a seizure early this morning.I hope this is a one time thing and not a new trend. I say "no" to the migraine / seizure package deal, thank you very much! Enough is enough!

Now I will happily join the yuppie ranks and start looking for organic, no odor cleaning supplies than work half as well and cost twice as much!  

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