April 23, 2013

NY Doctor Visits and EEG

Evan is still having seizures and his neurologist wants to take a look at his brain waves again. She wants to see if, in addition to the seizures we are seeing, there might also be something going on in the background that we should be aware of.

So we made the trek up to NY to see if there are any answers to what's going on with Evan. He got hooked up to the EEG yesterday and we will be interested to hear the results after a few days of EEG monitoring.

Evan did really well with the process and it was helpful to have Mindy with him. The biggest complaint has been that his head itches.

We also had an appointment with his neurologist, Dr. LaJoie, to talk about next steps and treatment options. Today we will see Evan's neurosurgeon, Dr. Weiner. We try to follow up with him whenever we are in NY and it's always nice to see him and hear his input on the most recent MRI.

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