July 20, 2010

The Tracks of My Tears

So I'm a complete dork, in case you don't already know that, and was all teary driving into work today listening to Smokey Robinson on the radio...

People say I'm the life of the party
Because I tell a joke or two
Although I might be laughing loud and hearty
Deep inside I'm blue
So take a good look at my face
You'll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears...

So of course the rest of this is a break up song but we have had a rough couple days with Evan and the beginning of the song sort of fit how I was feeling.

On Monday Evan had another pretty bad seizure and today he had a bad toxic reaction to his medication so it's been a bit of a roller coaster. It seems like every week we are adjusting his medicine up or down or adding in something new. Evan is completely unfazed by all of it so we really have to follow his lead, but it isn't always easy.


Mary said...

Hugs! What can I/we do to help?
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Love that song and hate that you are feeling that way.

Tears of a Clown is another great Smokey song on the subject, and you can listen to the really upbeat English Beat version!

Wishing all of you peace and strength.

Love you guys,


Anonymous said...

I've some time reading you, also about Evan.

Im epileptic too...24 years old now and i do understand you. I cant say anything more than be calm have faith and hugh your child.

Calm will come soon.

Love from this side of the world.