May 10, 2010

Just Joined the Diastat Club

There are some "clubs" you never want to join and this is one of them. Last Saturday Evan had a seizure that lasted too long and we had to give him Diastat to stop it. The seizure stopped quickly, so fast that it may have stopped on it's own or may have been helped slightly by the Diastat. Evan did really well with the medication overall. He was very, loopy and wobbly and with slurred speech was talking about the rules he'll make when he is President, then he went to sleep for about 20 min. and woke up hungry. He went to a birthday party in the afternoon and we all went to a friend's house in the evening. So as far as Evan is concerned, all is well.

As for Rob and I, we are feeling a bit defeated. We will get past this just like we always do but the rebound time is taking longer. The lack of control in a situation like this is burdensome and something we haven't felt in a while.

I think the worst part of the whole event was when Aria started a timer and said, "I hate Epilepsy." She's only 8 years old and should not have to know what epilepsy is much less have an emotional reaction to it.

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Mary said...

There is NOTHING publishable that I can think of to respond to this.

Love you all!