July 13, 2009

Epilepsy Action in Australia contacted us about writing a story about our family and here is the link to it...


They were interested in our family story and how it led to the creation of SeizureTracker.com. We already had people using the site in Australia but we're definitely seeing an increase now. I'm so glad we are slowly getting the site to people who will find it helpful!


Mary said...


But those of us who know you well know you are ALL awesome!

Love you!
Evan's Aunt Mary (& Aria's too!)

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks Mary!

Kristin said...

Fantastic Lisa! We're keeping all of you in our thoughts. Can't wait to see those first day of kindergarten pics ;-)
Much love,

Mama Lisa said...

Thanks Kristin...hard to believe my kids have gotten so big!