August 27, 2008

2008 Minnesota Epilepsy Stroll - Duluth

What's a vacation without taking a break to participate in an Epilepsy Stroll! We have so much family in Minnesota that it seemed like the obvious thing to do when we found out the Stroll was happening while we were in town. We raised money for the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation and also spread the word about

Here we are in our Seizure Tracker shirts before the walk.

There was a sign thanking each team that walked.

It was a beautful day and there were around 400 people walking in Duluth.

The stroller brigade rules!



Mary said...

What a great team!

And it looks like it was a beautiful, sunny day for a stroll.

It's a wonderful thing you've created, and even better since there's so much to smile about with Evan. (Love those grins!!!)

Aunt Mary

Aria said...

Thanks Mary! It was a great day and we met a lot of people and had were glad to support the local chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation in Minnesota.