February 08, 2008


One thing we've noticed since Evan's surgery is that his imaginative play has really increased. Our theory is that his brain isn't seizing anymore so he isn't as tired. The areas we've noticed the biggest impact are his imagination, focus and verbal pronunciations.

Evan always had a good imagination and our house has always been filled with characters only he can see, but now we have to open the front door to let them in and interact with invisible birds and monkeys on a daily basis. They all have names and they are all "so cute". Sometimes it's a cartoon character from TV, but often the imaginary friends are animals and a LOT of them are named Thomas, after Thomas the Tank Engine.

Now that Aria is in elementary school, her view of the world is a little more serious and she is starting to dislike playing along with Evan's imaginary world. At dinner the other night Rob and I got a big laugh at their exchange:

Note to people without kids: "Super Why" is a new kids show and the characters (one of them is also called Super Why) are super heroes that help solve problems.

Evan: (on his invisible telephone) Hi...Super Why?...yeah, can you come over?...ok...so you'll fly right over?...great, bye.

Evan: (to the family) Super Why will be right over.

Aria: You know Super Why isn't real though, right?

Evan: Super Why is real!

Aria: No he's not.
Evan: Yes he is.
Aria: No he's not.
Evan: Yes he is.
Aria: No he's not.
Evan: Yes he is.
No he's not.

Evan: Hold on.
(Evan picks up invisible phone and dials)

Evan: Hi, Super Why?...yeah, are you real?...oh, you are real?...great, thanks.
(Evan pushes invisible button on invisible phone to hang up)

Evan: (to Aria) Super Why is real.

Aria shakes her head...can't really argue with that logic!


Mary said...

That is precious!!!!!!

I can see that happening, and it's delightful. (Almost as much fun as Evan fussing at that darn echo bird for repeating what he said, and then repeating his question, etc.)

Thank you for sharing this delight.

Love to all of you!

James said...

I can so hear both Evan's and Aria's frustration in the is/is not exchange. Both are amazing kids, and Evan's elegant solution is wonderful!

Love those kids!