July 23, 2007

Going to Boston

Boston is beautiful this time of year, and if you have to visit a doctor in Boston, I think the summer is the best choice for timing.

Having said that, we are off to meet with Dr. Thiele, a neurologist specializing in TSC & epilepsy and Dr. Eskandar, a neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. We will be meeting with them on August 13 & 14 just to get additional opinions before we sign on for surgery. We aren't expecting any suprises with these meetings and expect them to recommend surgery, but we want to make sure two hospitals agree before we move completely into this realm.

It's a scary step, but as we move forward it doesn't look like there are other viable options. Evan had over 200 seizures in June and it looks like he'll match or exceed that in July. This is not our choice for an area of over-achievement!

So, there is somewhat of a feeling of desperation sinking in and we have the overwhelming sense that we need to do something. He just can't go on like this and it isn't easy watching him go through it.


Mary said...

Is Aria going with you? Would she rather have a slumber party with Aunt Mary? My schedule is flexible that week, and I'd love to share that time with her!

Mama Lisa said...


Thank you, that's very nice of you to offer! We are actually bringing Aria with us on this trip. We are flying because I am trying to conserve my remaining leave for the year, so it's pretty much a done deal to all go to Boston. We missed her a ton when we were away last time too.